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Cellulite Solutions

Unfortunately cellulite is here to stay.  There isn't much we can do to permanently get rid of cellulite.  

We can do 2 key things to hide the cellulite we do have so our legs look tone and shapely without unsightly dimple marks.  

In today's video I explain 2 key strategies that will hide unsightly cellulite from those judging eyes. 

The first strategy is keeping insulin levels low because when this is elevated cellulite fat cells can become more visible also because of your body storing more water.  

The 2nd strategy is exercise.  If we can tighten the skin, build new lean muscle to stretch the skin cells it is going to hide the cellulite cells and they will become less visible. 



Now that we know what to do to hide that ugly cellulite let's get to work toning up your body. 

Here are 3 basic but essential exercises you can do to get that pre-pregnancy body back >>